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E-Guitars Clean by Freemusicproduction.net


E-Guitars Clean – Samples (44.100 kHz – 24-bit), Oscillators (Wavetables) based instruments:

  • Instruments interface (Instruments selector, Effects).
  • Oscillators interface (Samples, Wavetables).
  • Voice interface (Voice, Unison, Glide, Pitch, Audiowarp).
  • Filter interface (Filters, Cutoff, Resonance, X – Y pad).
  • Envelope interface (Amp env, Filter env, Pitch env, User env).
  • LFO interface (LFO 1, LFO 2).
  • Modulation Matrix interface (Source, Modifier, Destination).
  • Step Modulator.
  • Arpeggiator (Factory/User mode).


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Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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