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Digital Brain Instruments VPlayer 4 Lite v4.2 Standalone Win Mac [FREE]

vPlayer 4 Lite is a 64-bits VST/AU host developed for playing live an audio plugin rig on stage or while doing a rehearsal, for jamming with virtual synths or for quick testing new plugins (virtual instruments & effects), all without the need to use any DAW, which is usually more complex to setup. vPlayer 4 Lite acts as a wrapper to turn any VST/AU into a standalone application.

While a traditional DAW can be used for live performance, many musicians prefer the stability and ease of use that comes with dedicated VST host:

Play 1 VST/AU instruments.
External audio input available. Use a microphone, any music instrument or audio input from third-party software using virtual audio loopback drivers.
Built-in Audio Player. Play any file from your computer.
Built-In MIDI Player.
MIDI Recording. Export individual MIDI files for each slot/virtual instrument played. Up to 4 MIDI files.
Master Rack. Up to 2 VST/AU instrument to process master output.
Built-in Metronome.
Built-In Brickwall Limiter.


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