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Clay And Kelsy Wrenches Kontakt [FREE]

Wrenches is an instrument that resembles the haunting beauty of church bells because of its eerie dissonant quality, making it perfect for adding tension and intensity to any musical composition. When we first picked them up in the garage they created a surprisingly beautiful tone that resonated in the air.We recorded several mallets but ended up with two: Rubber and Copper as the most creative and explorable choices.

Key Features:

Download includes two versions of Wrenches: Mallet & Copper
Recorded with Stereo AKG 460B’s into Millennia HV-35’s
Flea 47 into a BAE 1073 MPF
Hard Rubber Mallets
Copper Pipe
Bouncy Effect (ping-pong delay)
Three presets each instrument to showcase Wrenches sonic range


Full Version of Kontakt 7 or higher
520.4 MB of Disk Space


free download


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