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Chiqui Audio The Kraken Melodica Kontakt [FREE]

This library is perfect for musicians, music producers, or anyone who makes music looking for a quality, easy-to-use library at an affordable price of a melodica.
This library is also included in the Chiqui-Audio – The Pirates and The Pirates – The Kraken bundles.


Striking and intuitive design that includes effects and editing tools such as equalizer, compressor, saturation, reverb, delay, modulation effects, among others.
Possibility to activate an ensemble effect.
Six articulations: Legato, staccato, vibrato, tremolo, crescendo and decrescendo with key switches for ease use.
Performance details such as the musician’s breaths.
Four factory Snapshots.
Over 360.3 MB uncompressed file size.
It occupies 222.45 MB of RAM memory.
158 stereo samples / 48kHz, 24 bits.
User manuals with useful tips to reach the full potential of the libraries.
Compatibility with KONTAKT PLAYER in demo mode.

System Requirements:

Full KONTAKT 6.3.1, KONTAKT PLAYER 6.3.1 or higher.
Approx. 2 GB of free hard drive space.
4 GB of RAM or more is recommended.


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