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Casio VL1 by Polyvalens Windows VSTI x86 FREE


VL1 is a freeware emulator of the world famous classic calculator annex mini-synthesizer from the eighties made by Casio. VL1 is not a sample player, it is a real emulator that emulates the original hardware. All sounds are generated by software equivalents of the original circuits and the calculator actually works. This also means that ADSR sound programming is fully functional! VL1 was written in honour of Casio’s little VL-TONE that has given me many hours of pleasure and fun.

VL1 is a PC-only VSTi plugin (VST V2.3 or later).


The goal when programming VL-1 was to get as close to the real thing as possible. During development I stumbled upon a number of subtleties that I had never noticed before and I have tried to emulate these as well. Some things however are different:

  • automatic power down after some six minutes of inactivity has been left out
  • the DC-clicks when changing between modes have not been implemented
  • rhythm and melody have separate outputs
  • finally MIDI (melody on channel 1, rhythm on channel 2)
  • access to the individual rhythm sounds (C3, D3 & E3 on MIDI channel 2)
  • automation of parameters

Some things have not yet been done

  • tune (on the back of the VL-TONE)
  • synchronization of rhythm and recorded melody with host
  • separate simulated speaker and line outputs
  • more memory for ADSR presets
  • more rhythm sounds

Some things have to be done better

  • automation
  • other host-plugin related things
  • rhythm noise sound


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