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Beautiful Void Audio Deep Conjuring 2 Specters Free Version KONTAKT [FREE]

We’ve created over 40 presets of various moods and styles to get you started (+299 experimental presets derived from the full version)

Sample content: 71 samples, 360MB at 48khz 24bit.


42 dedicated presets

Sound Designer Folders:
Erick McNerney
Paul Lebkuechner

299 additional presets from copying the preset settings over from the full version.
Since the free version does not contain the same samples as the full version, they will have a different sound when compared to the full version. Despite this, these additional presets can provide some good variation, and can be useful for experimentation.

The sound design process before the Kontakt Instrument was made:

In order to create unique samples, we put various sounds through convolution reverb, then modulated certain parameters of the reverb and recorded the changes live for each sample.

The original sound sources include harps, flutes, violins, rain, tornado sirens, soft synths, and more

Requires the full version of Kontakt 6.2.2+ (does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player version)


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