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We’re excited to announce SILVER, a free and growing library of carefully curated sounds meant to inspire. 15 years ago we started this journey at Audiobro and this is a small way for us to say a big thank you to the wonderful creative community of composers and musicians that has supported us along the way. We hope SILVER will inspire you and foster a spirit of collaboration and creativity.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

What is SILVER?
SILVER is a free, creative, growing collection of sounds. It started off as a deeply-sampled tongue drum, but we kept adding more and more diverse sounds to the library until we could create entire tracks with just this free tool. Listen to the demos for a few examples of what is possible.

Silver is SIMPLE, DIVERSE, and FUN! It’s quick to load and packed with presets to get you started. It runs inside the free Kontakt Player and is NKS-compatible.

The instruments (so far):
Silver Tongue – a multi-dynamic tongue drum played with hands, soft mallets, and metal mallets. It includes Round Robin, unmuted and muted, isolated tongue tines as well a controllable resonance (“Reso”)
Bowls – multi-dynamic hand-played bowls with Round Robin, slaps, mutes and semi-mutes
Pads – Guitar Suspense, Slow Guitar Suspense, Strings Harmonics, Tongue Bells, Far Bells, Analog Wide, Analog Simple, Analog Zap
Basses – Attack Bass, Attack Bass Monophonic, Simple Bass, Simple Bass Monophonic
Electronic Drum Kit – A collection of General MIDI drums with various snares, kicks, rims, claps, and all the other regulars: hats, toms, crashes, tambourine, etc.
SILVER is a “living library” and we will be updating with more instruments and samples as time goes by.

The Controls
The entire set of SILVER controls is presented intuitively on one page. There’s no manual, it’s not needed.

Hover over the image hotspots below [?] for an explanation of each control/feature. The controls for all instruments are exactly the same even though all the patches are completely different.

Fader Menus
Each of the 2 vertical faders in SILVER offer a dropdown menu of FX chains that have been programmed specifically for this library and hopefully will give you some inspiration. Simply click on the fader name to access the menu:

Reso Knob
When you are on the Silver Tongue patch, and you are on any of the non-choke articulations, you will notice the “Reso” knob (outlined in orange below). This controls how much instrument body resonance will be heard when you play.


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