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Full Version: Rebel - VSTi - PC [No Longer Available) - for registered users free to download
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[Image: 1_26_06_12_12_13_28.jpeg]


    Mono & Multi-timbral versions.
    Up to 32/16 voices, 16/8 channels at once.
    16/8 single outputs.
    128 patches per bank.
    Dynamic Voice Mapping (DVM ).
    Vario Voice Resolution System (VVR) with optional sample interpolation algorithm.
    Internal Anti Clipping Limiting device (ACL).
    Real Time rendered power tone generating system (5 algorithms)
        2 Vario-edge oscillators.
        9 waveforms + noise.
        Classic analogue synthesis.
        Cross-modulation (simple FM-synthesis).
        PW modulation.
        Oscillator synchronisation.
        Experimental buzz oscillator.
    5 div. characteristic resonant filters with editable Soft Drive Boost (SDB)
        Selectable 3-layer LPF stack filter.
        12dB LPF filter.
        Moog-like filter.
        HPF filter.
        3 band multi-mode filter.
    Multi-view GUI.
    Over 80 editable voice parameters.
    Remote MIDI controller implementation (XG standard).
    Flexible modulation matrix.
    Very fast envelope generators (5 segments).
    Tempo sync/free run LFO.
    Legato and Portamento modes.
    3-band power EQ with scream factor.
    Hyperbolic amplifier.

Ist diese VSTi nur ein Demo?
Frage nur weil so gross "Demo" draufsteht.
(26-06-2012, 09:17 AM)Knob Twiddler link Wrote:Ist diese VSTi nur ein Demo?
Frage nur weil so gross "Demo" draufsteht.

war immer free und bleibt free


Thanks. Been looking for this synth.  Grins


Seems interesting, thanks for the post.