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Quote:Es handelt sich dabei um ein VST-kompatibles Programm mit den folgenden Fähigkeiten:
bullet Laden von VST Effects (auch "Plugins" genannt)
bullet Parametrierung / Bearbeitung derselben
bullet Sound-Ausgabe für VSTis
bullet MIDI-Ein- und Ausgabe
bullet Laden der meisten .fxb-Dateien und .fxp-Dateien
bullet I/O entweder durch Windows MME- oder ASIO-Treiber
bullet Laden und Abspielen von .WAV-Dateien
bullet Abspielen von MIDI-Dateien

Anfangs nur zu Test- und Debugzwecken gedacht, hat sich VSTHost zu einem recht fähigen Programm entwickelt, das in Keyboarder-Live-Setups gut eingesetzt werden kann.

Ein Muss für jeden Tester von VSTs/Vstis

auf der Seite sind noch andere interessante Dinge zu finden
Frische Üpdates für SAVIHost und VSTHost.
Update auf 1.51

VSTHost is a demonstrational Windows program written in order to comprehend the inner workings of VST plugins. VSTHost is capable of:

    loading VST effects (aka "plugins")
    parameterizing / editing them
    sound output for VSTis
    MIDI-input and -output
    loading / saving .fxb files

The important part of the program is an implementation of a VST host in form of 2 classes:


This implements the audio callback needed by an effect plugin as a neatly encapsulated VST host class. This is practically platform-independent code. The few platform-specific things are encapsulated in...


This encapsulates a VST effect, as loaded by the VST host. This class isn't fully complete - since I don't have a Mac, I've only included the Windows code.

New in v1.53

    Reworked 32-bit version
    Faster loading
    PlugIn scans will not load bad plugins
    MIDI clock sending
    Improved the plugin menu bar and its controls
    Bugfix for the Auto Stereo options for mono plugins
    Improved .vstxml file capabilities
    Open manual from meny
    Improved MIDI parameter conversions
    Loads .kar MIDI files
    Added built-in PlugIns for common MIDI configuration tasks.
    Various bugfixes and internal changes.
    VST3-capable programs use VST SDK 3.5 instead of 3.1.
Update to 1.55

- Added "isSingleton" to Data\effCanDos.ini (see this file for details) for Plug-ins that exhibit severe problems if more than one instance is loaded into the same process.
- Standard version uses VST SDK 3.6.5 now; Win98 version uses VST SDK 3.5.1, since 3.5.2 is uncompilable with VS98.
- VST3 double precision audio was effectively disabled; corrected.
- Various VST3 handling improvements.
- Parameter window wasn't updated correctly.
- MIDI Controller dialog didn't display controller names correctly.
- If a loaded USB MIDI device is detached and reattached, VSTHost automatically reconnects to it IF its device interface name can be determined (still rather experimental)
Requires drivers that support DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE (not all do).
- Built-in Reverb Plug-in added (adapted FreeVerb v3, originally done by Jezar @ Dreampoint, generously put into the public domain; was used in the readme but that is not working any more., however, has copies containing FreeVerb from 2000 and 2001).
- Bridging performance and stability improvements.
- I/O changes during performance loading are processed immediately so that channel-specific links are kept intact.
- Built-in Audio Passthru Plug-in added (can be used to set up elaborate channel splits / concentrators).
- Built-in Submixer Plug-in added (setting special channel configurations using the "Chain after" dialog doesn't work yet).
- Added pre-chained MIDI Plug-ins and "All linked Plug-ins" to possible sources for a Plug-in's Remote Control.
- Fixed a bug that ruined compatibility with Voicemeeter (with or without Banana:-) and other ASIO drivers that use IEE754 32-bit floating point format buffers.

VSTHost is an Open Source VST-compatible host that:

- Loads VST 2 / 3 / Module Architecture plug-ins.
- Parameterizing / editing them.
- Sound output for VSTis. MIDI-input and -output.
- Loading / saving.fxb files.
- Supports ASIO2.
You wait all year for an update, and two arrive at once ...

Hermann Seib has announced that the free VSTHost application for 32- and 64-bit Windows has been updated to v1.56.

Changes against v1.55:

Bridged Plug-in unloading caused a 5-second delay; corrected.

Wave Device dialog pre-loaded all ASIO drivers to get their details;
now, this is only done when a driver is selected and its details have not been fetched yet.

"loadUnmodified" added to possible effCanDo settings to force bank reload into Plug-ins even if the bank contents are unchanged.

Plug-in scan can exclude complete directories now (see section on Exceptions.ini in the manual); exclusions can also be added to Plug-in Path searches by prefixing the name with a <

Bridged Plug-ins didn't always report Plug-in type and product string correctly; a full Plug-in scan should fix the Plug-in list.

Bridging performance and stability improvements.