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Full Version: Alchemy Mobile -- IOS
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Alchemy Mobile

[Image: screenshot_ipad_perform.png]

Alchemy Mobile is the iOS version of Alchemy Synth a powerful software synthesizer.

Alchemy Mobile is your one stop shop synthesizer, the presets includes a wide range of useful sounds, from fat basses and lush pads to evolving soundscapes and pulsing arpeggios. With the Alchemy Mobile, you can be assured that you have a virtually limitless arsenal of synthesizer tones wherever and whenever you bring your iPhone or iPad with you.

If you need more presets or want to create your own sound palettes, do so by morphing between sound variations with the Alchemy Mobile's 16 special controls. You can tweak the cutoff, ADSR, resonance and various effects parameters to get the sound that you have been imagining in your head.

Alchemy Mobile has an inviting interface, with a scalable keyboard so that even the clumsiest of hands can use it with ease. You can also opt to plug-in an external Core MIDI keyboard.

With the exposé featurue, you can use the Alchemy Mobile application with your existing mobile DAW without much problems. Switch between pages and multi-task with ease.

You can further enhance your sound bank for free by simply registering at Camel Audio. You will get additional 25 sounds on top of the original 25 that came with the application. There are over 400 other professional sound libraries available for purchase inside the application.

For further integration with your PC/Mac Alchemy Synth, you can check out the Pro Upgrade options. It will allow you to remotely access and control your PC/Mac Alchemy Software, you can also get your desktop sound libraries into your iOS device and you get additional 125 sounds and 50 loops.


    25 free sounds included
    25 additional sounds free after registration
    More sound libraries available as in-app purchases
    Morph your sound variations to create your own sound via the remix pad
    16 controls for complete sound control
    Powerful iOS synthesis engine with sampler, VA, granular and additive resynthesis
    External MIDI keyboard supported
    25 drum loops included
    Copy/Paste supported
    Scalable keyboard
    Easy chords, one key press for major or minor chords