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Full Version: music-society specialpack by Opulent Audio
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music-society specialpack by Opulent Audio

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[Image: KsXGKda.png]

Versatile 3 Oscillator LO-FI synthesizer.

Not an emulation of any particular chip, it's much more powerful than that. bLO-FIsh incorporates classic chip type (8 bit) sounds with more traditional synth elements to bring on a huge sonic range. Flexible, extensive modulation plus a 16-step gate for more musical and rhythmic options. Plus, bLO-FIsh has a distortion effect and a CPU-friendly reverb to garnish your 8 bit feast.


3 Wave Oscillators with Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square and two different widths of Pulse waves.
Audio quality is switchable between standard, 16 bit/44 khz operation and 8 bit/22 khz LO-FI mode.
Graphic amplitude ADSRs.
Output routing options to either filter, both filters, or no filter (straight to effects section).
Hard sync feedback loop - each oscillator hard syncs to the next and #3 syncs to #1.


2 Fast-response SV Filters with Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Band Reject modes.
Graphic ADSRs routable to cutoff, resonance, or both. Control over amount of envelope applied
Pan and volume controls.
Filters operate on a parallel basis (they are independent of each other).

Effects section:

CheapoDisto - no frills distortion device.
Efficient reverb unit. Normal, gated and freeze modes.

Modulation devices:

2 Tempo-synced LFOs with wave modification options (shaping, folding).
1 Free LFO, 2 - Graphic ADSRs (modulation also possible from velocity, aftertouch and mod wheel).
16 step Trance style gate, synced to tempo. Mixes independently with all 3 Oscillators.
6 slot Modulation Matrix with 10 selectable sources and 69 selectable targets, user defined.

[Image: fKQ7SeY.png]

DirtyGirl is a PWM synth.

2 Standard SE Oscillators with FM and PWM.
2 SV Filters - several modes.
Dirt!, Grains!, Reverb.
LFO (20 waveforms) and Contour Modulation.
Mod Matrix (4 slots).

[Image: 6o88zd1.png]

Opulent Audio's 2 Osc Monophonic Monster !

Two sample-based oscillators with 35 available waveforms. Each oscillator has it's own tempo-synced rhythmic gate, waveshaping, bitrate (4, 8, 16, or 24 bit) and tuning (octave, semitone, and fine). The oscillators hard-sync to each other to form a feedback loop. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
Two parallel multi-state SV filters, providing simultaneous lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters on a mixer with individual volume and pan for each filter state. Output options: dry signal out or delay effect.
Ring modulation of the two oscillators with 25 modulation types and mix amount. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
Stereo delay with normal or cross mode available. Tempo synced with dozens of sync options. Feedback and mix amounts.
Two phrase arpeggiators: oscillators can accept MIDI input 3 ways - either as standard note input or from one of the two tempo-synced phrase arpeggiators. Each oscillator can accept input from a different arpeggiator for the 'dueling arp' effect.
Three tempo synced LFOs with 20 waveforms. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
Two (up to) 8 stage envelopes with many options for triggering, looping, and envelope length. Dozens of tempo sync options available. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
Eight slot modulation matrix with 11 sources (incl osc gates) and 39 targets, all user defined.
Monophonic synth with retrigger option and portamento.