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Full Version: music-society specialpack by mireksuk
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music-society specialpack by mireksuk

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[Image: FeukkgG.png]

Delayizer is a modulated delay unit, featuring a chorus section.

[Image: 3KYVUBJ.png]

Filterizer is a LFO based filter, featuring a distortion.

[Image: dyYJmUU.png]

Kicker is a bass drum synthesizer.

[Image: c3Ekd4V.png]

Sucker vst is a 2 oscillators analog synth.

2 Oscillators.
Amplifier Envelope.
Filter Envelope with modulation cutoff or pitch.
Delay, Chorus, Overdrive.
LFO with modulation cutoff or pitch.
5 Types filter-Low pass,High pass,Band pass,Band reject and Peaking.
20 presets...