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Full Version: Nightmares by Reflekt Audio
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Nightmares by Reflekt Audio

[Image: QpNrvY3.png]

The amount of value packed into the COMPLETELY free Nightmares Halloween themed VST is frightening.

With a batch or dark horror type sounds this virtual instrument is sure to have you brewing up creepy, haunting tunes & soundtracks for years to come.

Rest assured this plugin is not just for ghouls & ghosts! Keep it in your arsenal as a suspenseful mood creator with multiple chilling one shots & ambient noises. Make that killer trap song you've had locked in the depths of the basement of your creativity with one of the various classic sounding horror-inspired instruments! Unsheathe the potential of your dark side and don't fall victim to typical sounds. You only find uniquely-created sounds like this once in a full moon.

(No blood sacrifice necessary, just your email address).

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Unzipped File Size: 619 MB.
Zipped File Size: 356 MB.
Unzipped File Size: 581 MB.
Zipped File Size: 348 MB.
55 Spooky Sounds (Partially Explicit).
Works In Most Major DAWS.
(Excluding Pro Tools).
Onboard User Effects.

Nightmares Audio: