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Full Version: Spatial Audio Real-time Applications (SPARTA)
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Spatial Audio Real-time Applications (SPARTA)

[Image: OB71N9p.png]

SPARTA is a collection of flexible VST audio plug-ins for spatial audio production, reproduction and visualisation, developed primarily by members of the Acoustics Lab at Aalto University, Finland.

Download links of current and past versions can be found here.

Source code for the plug-ins is available under the GPLv3 license and can be found here.

The SPARTA installer also includes the COMPASS suite, CroPaC Binaural Decoder, and the HO-SIRR room impulse response renderer. These plug-ins employ parametric processing and are signal-dependent. Essentially, they aim to go beyond conventional linear Ambisonics by extracting meaningful parameters over time; subsequently employing them to map the input to the output in a more informed manner.

For the curious researchers and/or spatial audio developers: note that the plugins included in the SPARTA installer are all built using the open-source Spatial_Audio_Framework (SAF), which may be of interest to you.