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Full Version: Tuxedo by Reflekt Audio
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Tuxedo by Reflekt Audio

[Image: 6lWSWiu.png]

Reflekt Audio & @TakiBrano teamed up to bring music makers across the globe a BEAUTIFUL sounding virtual instrument called "Tuxedo". If you're in need of a beautiful sounding spacey grand hall piano Tuxedo is for you! Equipped with a very user friendly interface, Tuxedo allows it's users to quickly manipulate and tweak as they see fit, as well as add or remove more space with the more space function. Tuxedo is a great tool for any and every producer, plus it's free.

1 Free Virtual Piano Instrument.
Windows/Mac Compatible.
All Daw Compatible.
(Excluding Pro Tools).
Unzipped File Size: 435.8MB.
Zipped File Size: 271.6MB.
2 Blend-able Layers.
Envelopes A, D, S, R.
Filter W/Filter Type.