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Full Version: Momentum by Big Fish
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Momentum by Big Fish

[Image: momentumguishadow1.jpg]

"We've made the GUI resizable, the waveform zoomable, and the rest more intuitive and powerful than before. Below you'll find a full list of the new improvements as well as the litany of bug fixes. For long-time users this is good news for increased stability and usability, and a perfect time for new users to jump in because Momentum is still free."

Full List Of New Features:

- Resizable GUI.
- "ORIGINAL" now appears in front of the key and BPM fields for a sample on the slice page, indicating that these fields are for a sample's original information.
- Slice Effect "Overlay": While editing a particular slice effect parameter on the waveform, the levels of the other parameters can be viewed.
- In the lower area of the waveform, there is now a bar / beat grid.
- Mouse Waveform Zoom Functions (horizontal zoom, horizontal scroll, vertical zoom).
- New options for slice editing including snap slices to grid, snap start/end to grid, reset slices, and clear slices.
- Latch Mode is now available on the slice page.
- Input Q is now available on the slice page.
- Values now display next to the mouse pointer when slice effect levels are adjusted on the waveform.
- Adjusting the key via the kit key section of the keyboard now makes immediate changes to audio playback.
- Tremolo/Pan effect now has a beat related rate when synced.
- Individual effect parameters can now be reset to default by using Command(control on windows) +click.
- Compressor "output" parameter is now labeled "makeup gain".
- Several groups (channels) can now be soloed at once.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where users were asked to login multiple times while downloading a product.
- Fixed a bug where the start and end markers could not be moved.
- Fixed a bug where song section indicators would stop working after a user sample was added.
- Fixed a bug where song section indicators would stop working after a kit was saved then reloaded.
- Fixed a bug where the number of queued downloads in the browser was incorrectly calculated.
- Fixed a bug where any clickable item in Momentum would take over the DAW's return key functionality.
- Fixed a bug where the download icon would remain next to a kit even when it was already downloaded.
- Fixed a bug where adding slices by a 1/16th note grid did not line up perfectly.
- Fixed a bug where the zoom on the waveform did not reset when switching between samples.
- Fixed a bug where slice effect defaults were not reset when a kit was loaded.
- Fixed a bug where when using the stutter slice effect, depending on the length of a slice, too many stutters would play back.
- Fixed a bug where low resolution assets were being used on some systems.
- Fixed a bug where when multiple samples were playing, the playhead was only active for the most recent sample triggered.
- Fixed a bug where the Filter "resonance" knob was being incorrectly displayed for some modes.