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Full Version: CollidingCombSynth by Uhhyou
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CollidingCombSynth by Uhhyou

[Image: OofS4MN.png]

Info: For Linux, LV2 version is available at

CollidingCombSynth is an experimental synthesizer which sometimes sounds like bowed string. Equipped with 24 Karplus-Strong string models which collide to each other. Tuning of pitch is possible, but difficult. So mostly suitable for sound effects.

Caution to the output level. It can be very loud, even when compressor is turned on. Recommend to always insert limiter after CollidingCombSynth.

Notice that DSP load spikes at note-on. If the entire output of DAW stutters when using CollidingCombSynth, this might be the cause:

Saw/noise oscillator and following 8 comb filters for excitation.
24 Karplus-Strong strings to collide to each other.
Per note compressor.
Max 16 polyphonic.
Max 8 voices unison.

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