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Full Version: Digital Systemic Emulations Synsonics-V free vintage analog drum
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Digital Systemic Emulations releases Synsonics-V free vintage analog drum

[Image: 7tlCfB6.jpg]

The Synsonics-V: a 81' analog drum machine emulation!
The Synsonics was launched by Mattel in 1981 as a really low cost alternative to Simmons or MPC Electronics (Before Akai bought them in 84')

It provides 5 sounds: 2 toms, a snare, a cymbal (Close/Open) and a metronome click.

Legends say Kraftwerk used one, but no one knows how, or on which album!

But anyway, loads of musicians used it as a real instrument despite the fact Mattel was often associated with kids toys.

On the actual machine, none of the sounds are editable and the background noise is so important the Synsonics is hard to record.

That's why I decided to develop this small program Big Grin

The free version contains 2 toms, the snare and the cymbals but not the metronome click.

All the sounds are still editable and automatable.