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[Image: sk10-102-ui.png]

SK-10 is a sub-kick simulator. A sub-kick mic is a particular microphone used primarily for recording kick drums. It’s essentially a speaker converted into a microphone. Thanks to its diameter a sub-kick mic captures a lot of low end and it’s a perfect fit along your regular kick mic for boosting the low frequencies.

Larry Crane in Tape Op magazine said this “Some engineers know the old-time trick of placing a speaker (oftentimes the woofer from a Yamaha NS-10M, ironically enough) in front of a kick drum or bass amp, then running the speaker cables into a DI and sending that to a preamp. The speaker, being a moving-coil transducer much like a dynamic mic, creates a big thumpy audio signal that can be used to fill in the low end.”

Sub-kick is the secret weapon of a lot of top engineers and producers enabling them to get much bigger kick drum sounds when recording a kit. It’s used a lot in rock and metal drum production, but can be used in any genre to thicken up a thin kick drum sound.

DRUM! Magazine said in their review of the Yamaha SKRM-100 “There’s no doubt that adding a Subkick system to your regular kick drum microphone is going to give you a much better bass drum sound instantly. Your kick drum will sound much richer and have increased depth and power. Period.”

If your kick is lacking some thump or body,  SK10 is the free plug-in you need. It simulates a sub-kick microphone.

Add low end to your tracks in a very natural way without EQ and using the intuitive controls. SK10 is available for Mac and Windows in VST, Audio Units, and AAX formats.

SK10 is available for Mac and Windows in VST, Audio Units, and AAX formats. Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, Cubase and any DAW that supports AU, VST or AAX.