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Full Version: Rancorsoft VinylSound VST x86 WiN [FREE]
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Rancorsoft VinylSound VST x86 WiN [FREE]

[Image: ZUnxdJi.png]

VinylSound is a VST instrument pre-loaded with 13 sound loops of real vinyl record pops and clicks.

VinylSound can quickly create a realistic vintage feel in your own recordings! VinylSound is activated by midi - you can change the pitch of the output by playing / sending higher or lower midi notes to it. Then you can fine tune the sound with the Speed slider on the turntable, until you get the exact feel you want!

13 pre-loaded vinyl pop, click and crackle loops.
+100% to -100% speed control.
Master volume control.

For download you have to register or login, it is free!