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Full Version: GalactiX - subtractive virtual VST Synth[WIN][x86]
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GalactiX - subtractive virtual VST Synth[WIN][x86]

[Image: synth.gif]


16 voice polyphonic
up to 8 instances per VST host
6 high quality oscillators with no-interpolation algorithm
detune and phase per oscillator
two filters: VCO with velocity sensitivity and master key follow filter
midi control for parameters
master effects: chorus and reverb
18 factory presets + sound bank from rgcAudio


GalactiX 2.0

Free or 19,00 € for the premium version

[Image: 8tdS5cg.png]
This used to be one of my very favourite synths: layered with a piano (normally Mr Tramp or Mr Ray '73) I would often spend hours, usually late at night, just improvising around a few simple, familiar chords - the ultimate chillout.

The presets by René Ceballos (creator of Triangle I/II and Zeta for rgc:audio then Cakewalk) should make this a required download for anyone who doesn't already have it.

It seems the premium version of GalactiX 2.0 is 19,00 € only until July 15 2020, when the price will double.
So check out the free (demo?) version (no preset-saving or parameter automation) soon - this might just be too good to miss!