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Full Version: Creatorum Genius Lab Imago B VST x86 WIN [FREE]
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Creatorum Genius Lab Imago B VST x86 WIN [FREE]

[Image: 01WPSM8.jpg]

Imago is intended for auto-accompaniment, rhythmic pads and rhythmic basses.

3 multi-osc.
2 state variable filters.
ADSRL envelope for filters.
ADSR envelope for amp.
Ping-pong delay.
3 level equalizer.
Big list of a randomization for basic control elements.
Global randomization of all parameters one button.
Rhythm-sequencer on 32 steps with speed and smoothing adjustment, 8 levels of velocity in each step.
Monitoring of a sound signal with possibility of a freeze frame of the picture.
Illumination of indicators of average and initial-final position of rotated regulators.
128 presets.