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Full Version: Arturia OBXa V vs Oberheim OBXa - sound comparison
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Quote:In this video I created some of my patches from my Oberheim OBXa on the new Arturia OBXa V plugin.
I appologize if I couldn’t match the sounds not exactly. Maybe it is possible to do it better.

In the Arturia plugin I disabeled all effects. I have chosen 8 voices and panorama with a bit spread to match the original stereo field of all 8 voices in the original.
The Oberheim also was recorded life without any effects, mastering and whatever. So both instruments have the same circumstances and basic settings.
I have chosen the same settings in the Arturia. For example in the mixer of the oscilators in the Oberheim you can choose „half“ or „full“ volume of OSC2. When you have „half“, I put the volume knob of the Arturia OSC2 to half. Furthermore I did tweaking by ear. I have no osciloscope.
Alltogether you can hear 21 sounds, first Arturia, second Oberheim, played exactly the same. In the Video you can see the settings of the sounds of the GUI.
So what is my conclusion? My personal opinion is, that Arturia did a great job. The plugin is fantastic sounding. It is not exactly sounding like the original. The filter and resonance behavior is a bit different. The Oberheim sounds a bit darker and has more low end. The Arturia sounds a bit more crisp. But you can do really very lush pads as well. The plugin has some additional features, like 16 voices, arpeggiator, more LFO waveforms, and much, much more. So I like it and for quick results and as a workhorse it is a great opportunity.
Nevertheless I never will let go my beloved OBXa, because it is one of my absolutely best sounding synths in my arsenal. I really love the sound so much, because it is singing like a violin. The difference you can hear it is the filter behavior, resonance, behavior of the envelopes, which don’t start exactly the same for all voices, the warm VCOs and the extremely lush tone.

I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you for your deciscion. I am not an employer of Arturia, I do independant reviews. If you have any questions, please ask in the commentaries.