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Full Version: Celox VST bundle
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Celox VST bundle
all compiled in the end of 2002. 32-bit VST, Windows only.
Black and White: 2-Osc Synth
[Image: RmdDPGF.jpg]
Dreamachine dm6: 2-Osc Synth
[Image: bYmpqJt.jpg]
Dreamachine dm1.2: 2-Osc Synth
[Image: wh0MY7I.jpg]
Drum-A-Queen: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hihat
[Image: dGog69c.jpg]
Filter 2: Stereo (?) Filter
[Image: aX7SZdy.jpg]
[Image: oeE2ypO.jpg]
[Image: 0i1ughm.jpg]
MB-101: 1-Osc Synth
[Image: W6g8fK5.jpg]
megaCelox v1.0: 3-Osc Synth
[Image: MwxhBMz.jpg]
Phoenix-1: 1-Osc Synth
[Image: fscjD2o.jpg]
Phoenix-2.1: 2-Osc Synth
[Image: z1jLLX7.jpg]
Snappy: 1-Osc Synth
[Image: dzqbPRm.jpg]
Stereo Delay
[Image: TFPLd9m.jpg]