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Full Version: Sender Spike : Echobox D7 [Win]
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Sender Spike : Echobox D7 [Win]

[Image: mghSRHw.jpg]

Echobox D7 emulates an echo tape mode found in a particular Japanese stomp-box which itself was a digital remake of a famous American tape echo.

    Delay Time – adjusts, well, delay time (overall range is 30 – 2600 ms).
    Repeat – adjusts amount of feedback (values above 5 result in (self-)oscillation).
    Delay Level – sets the volume of delays that gets mixed with dry signal (not wet/dry ratio!).
    Range – sets the delay time range in which the Delay Time knob operates (30-160, 120-650, 480-2600 ms).
    Mute – “true” bypass in the sense that it also clears the delay buffer, so you get the behavior as with regular stomp-box (i.e. no weird echos that remain in buffer and return right after switching the effect on again as is the rather common case with time based plug-ins, regular DAW bypass however exhibits this awkward behavior).
    Manual BPM sync – a set of six “kick” buttons and one three-way switch that allow quick setting of musically relevant delay times relative to actual project tempo.