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Full Version: Neutrox : Creme Rinse by AudioFB
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Neutrox : Creme Rinse by AudioFB

[Image: mtWnBj2.png]

Neutrox is a multi-effect rack. A single plug-in with interesting effects for all types of instruments, timbres and voices. The first effects of this magical plug-in are a Reverb with 2 ambiences simulations and a delay with several features.

Another 2 slots in this rack are in development and will soon be available in the plug-in in its full version.

Enjoy the first version of Neutrox, it is free !!

Reverb Parameters:

    2 reverb settings - AFB room and an old hall type.
    Size - Size with non-scale values.
    Damping - Attenuation of high frequencies.
    HPF - Hi-pass filter in the reverb signal.

Delay Parameters:

    Clock Source - Internal or Host tempo.
    Delay Type - Simple delay or Ping-Pong delay.
    Beat Div. - Division of beats from 1 to 16.
    Damping - Attenuation of high frequencies.
    Feedback - Amount of repetitions.
    Wide - Stereo width of ping pong delay.
    Polarity - Inversion of the polarity of the individual channels.
    All effects have gain control and dry / wet.