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Full Version: My Modular - The Biggest ever! by Mira-Katharina [x86][win]
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My Modular - The Biggest ever! by Mira-Katharina [x86][win]

This is my Modular Synth! Its Big! Sounds great! It`s modular!
Maybe this will be the only Modular Synth with Synthedit!
Windows 32 only; for 64 Bit Applikation use JBridge, please!
Tested on Cubase, Reason, MuLab, Energy XT
If You don`t know how to program, use the Presets to understand and learn!
Although this Synth could be played polyphonic, use it in monophonic. You may avoid Program Crashes (In this case you have to reload the plugin). It lies in the Stability of Synthedit; because it was not ready for complex programmings.
If you have Questions, I`ll try to answer!
Have Fun Smile

@Mira-Katharina, schönes Teil, aber recht schwierig zu benutzen
Leider sind viele der Sound recht leise.

Liebe User, @Mira-Katharina und ich würden uns über gute Presets-Bänke freuen, also an die Arbeit. Ich habe für sowas keine Zeit
@Mira-Katharina, nice part, but quite difficult to use
Unfortunately many of the sounds are very quiet.

Dear users, @Mira-Katharina and I would be happy about good Presets Banks, so let's get to work. I have no time for this