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Full Version: Samsara Cycle Audio - DEISK-O V 1.0 x32 WiN [free]
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Samsara Cycle Audio - DEISK-O V 1.0 x32 WiN [free]

[Image: fstsGyR.png]

DEISK-O is a classic monophonic analog synth.

Single 2 wave oscillator / external signal: Ramp, Pulse, Ext In.
Pitch bend sensitivity.
Tune control 1 note + / - tolerance.
Range: Sub / 64' / 32' / 16' / 8' / 4'.
EG Modulation level .
Modulation delay level - LFO / EG.
PW/PWM Level slider: selectable EG / LFO / Manual.
LFO Frequency level.
LFO Waveform select: S/H / Triangle / Pulse.
LFO Waveform mix control (selected wave and sine wave).
White noise.
Oscillator level.
Noise level.
VCF Cutoff level.
VCF Resonance level.
KBE - Keyboard enhance.
LFO level (pitch).
EG (filter).
VCA switch - Hold / EG.
HPF level.
EG - Envelope Generator ADSR.
External input level control.

This synth is free and fully functioning. It displays a Nag Tag that can be removed by making a donation.


Nice, fun, good sounding synth - and set completely free a few years ago.
Here's the  version without the nag-screen.
(But you can still make a donation!)