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Full Version: Tangerine Dream - Reims 1975
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0:00:00 - Part One [44.01]
0:44:01 - Part Two [32.27]
1:16:29 - Part Three [10.06]

September 23, 1975
Opera (Reims)
Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann.
I don't remember them releasing this.
This sounds like the version from the semi-authorised (until about 2006) Tangerine Leaves collection.
Not to be confused with the Reims Cathedral concert from the previous year: historically more significant (for TD fans), and a better recording - issued in the Tangerine Tree collection, some of which were re-issued in the'Official Bootleg' series.
But ... the classic line-up, at the peak of their form: essential listening!