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Full Version: Calgar C Instruments Saturn V VSTi v2.0 free WIN (32-bit) (2013)
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Calgar C Instruments Saturn V VSTi v2.0 free WIN (32-bit) (2013)

[Image: D0JJPKI.jpg]

Calgar C Instruments Saturn V VSTi v2.0 free WIN (32-bit) (2013) is an analog style Synth. It features  multiple oscillators. Each and every function can be MIDI mapped which  is useful for live use. The X-Y pad can be mapped to various functions  through the matrix section (6). There are 4 different effects including,  Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Phaser. Saturn V comes with 128 presets with  the possibility of more presets on the way.

Key Features:
Up to 128 Presets per bank.
4 main oscillators.
2 sub oscillators.
Filter mod.
Hi-pass Filter.
Lo-pass filter w/ADSR.
X-Y Pad with matrix routing.
THE ARTIST - DJ and Producer:
Born in Jordan, Canadian based DJ and Producer Calgar C fell in love  with Electronic music at an early age. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s  when he started tinkering with sound. Calgar C quickly crawled into the  Electronic scene doing a number of underground shows based around his  love for Trance music, landing him a number of residencies in Ottawa.
His sound can be categorized as a mixture of classic psy, with a bit  of uplifting sounds and a cinematic touch. Calgar C has released a  number of singles and remixes under a few labels such as his first  release Decade under Miraloop records.
Now located in Montreal, Calgar C hopes to take both himself and others to another level.

Thanks to @djKoSMiX

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