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Full Version: NEW Korg ARP 2600! | Namm 2020
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The new Korg 2600 Arp is here!
Luke pops in to Demo this beast.

To find out more....

76-82 North Rd, Brighton BN1 1YD. UK
01273 665400
FB - .
Twitter -
Insta - @gak_music
Here's another link:

While we're on the subject ...

... does anyone have this?:

[Image: qynm0Wl.png]

It's the first VoltKitchen / Glen Stegner / Gabriel Abney version of the Richard Brooks ARP 2600.
The Arppe v2 has a few minor bugs - and one major one: the second EG doesn't trigger correctly.
I would happily swap the mod-matrix for a functioning AR!
Other than that, it's a more faithful emulation than the Arturia - and cheaper than the WoW TIMEWARP.

Upload appreciated!
What's the difference between a modular synth and a semi-modular synth?

[Image: 191QtNV.jpg]


[Image: pXL5Wyu.png]