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Full Version: Infinite Dimensions Complete FREE VSTi Collection (2005-2006) WIN (32-bit)
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Infinite Dimensions Complete FREE VSTi Collection (2005-2006) WIN (32-bit)

[Image: c209jOV.jpg][Image: gXlqipS.jpg][Image: 00cYLdb.jpg]

IDSynth VSTi free WIN (32-bit) (2005) 3-Osc Synthesizer geared towards making classic trance music
ABU VSTi free WIN (32-bit) (2006) Bassline Synthesizer features 'punch' for percussive emulated analog clicks
IDKick VSTi free WIN (32-bit) (2005) Kick Drum Synthesizer for creating kick drums and other percussive noises

Thanks to @djKoSMiX

- for registered Users free to download!

I have never heard of these synths before. OMG! they are all amazing! IDsynth is a beast! It is ridiculously easy to tweak with awesome analog sound.....especially if you're going for an EDM percussive style of playing. IDKick has some really good kick presets. ABU is a perfect bass synth! no muss or fuss, just straight forward tweaking and playing! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, for finding and sharing!