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Full Version: DJ Mill aka Pompili "LEAD-ER" VSTi v1.0 free (32-bit)Waveforms Sampler Synth! (2007)
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DJ Mill aka Pompili "LEAD-ER" VSTi v1.0 free (32-bit) the Virtual Analogue Expandable Waveforms Sampler Synth! (2007)

[Image: 4j2xqTAl.jpg]

2-Voice polyphonic synthesizer ideal for Trance , HardTrance , Hard Style , Techno , Elektro and more! ?? This GUI also looks very seasonal with the red & green

Key Features:
73 factory presets
6 Osc's
5 Filters
2 Env
5 Efx


According to the included text file, it is a trial version of a once avalable commcercial VST, but the site ( is gone. Even on only a music playing flash is left.