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Full Version: nofish Productions - My First Synth x64 x32 VST AU WiN OSX [free]
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nofish Productions - My First Synth x64 x32 VST AU WiN OSX [free]

[Image: ZgY1tYJl.jpg]

My First Synth is a simple monophonic synthesizer.

This is my first "practice project" for learning how to make plugins. I've made some mistakes while doing it (first of all, started out with a too small GUI size, so it's all a little 'stuffed'), but I wanted to finish and 'release' it at some point to do new projects, which means I likely won't revisit it and fix bugs (if any...).

Simple mono synth.
GUI handmade with love.
One osc. with sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from.
One filter with resonance (HP, LP, BP to choose from).
Osc. has quite a bit of aliasing, this synth is more on the harsh than the lovely side.
Modulation: ADSR -> vol., ADSR -> cutoff (positive and negative amount),
LFO -> cutoff, LFO -> pitch (LFO's waveforms sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from).
Glide (portamento), working a little strange at higher amounts.
Output is hard-limited at -0.5db FS for safety, the filter can get a little loud at high resonance.
I'd still suggest using a limiter after it, just in case it explodes. Wink Use at your own risk...

Win: recommended to use VST2 version, VST3 version is experimental.
Mac: not sure if AU version works in Logic, can't test, only tested in Reaper

Fantastic Gui Grins