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Normale Version: Homegrown Sounds Modulator v1.1 x86 VST WiN [free]
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Homegrown Sounds Modulator v1.1 x86 VST WiN [free]

[Bild: gIEzSFkl.png]

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only

Modulator does what it says on the tin, it uses an LFO which can then be used to create many modulation style effects such as Flangers, Phasers, Ring Modulators etc… The LFO can also be swapped for an Envelope follower which will use the incoming sound level as the modulation source in various ways.

    Available effects include Flanger, Phasers, Low/Band/Hi Pass Filters, Frequency Modulation, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Ring Modulation, Gapper, Autopan, Low Shelf, Hi Shelf, Notch, Peak, Decimator, and Modulation Delays.
    Feedback Intensity
    LFO Depth
    LFO Offset
    Huge choice of Waveforms/Envelopes, also including 150 custom Waves with Smooth Control.
    BPM Synced or Freeform Tempo.
    LFO 2 – This can be used to further modulate either the Feedback, Offset, Depth or Rate.
    Use Midi Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, and Mod Wheel to affect parameters.
    Midi Note On Re-triggers the LFO.
    All effects have Autopan ability.
    It’s Free!

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