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Full Version: music-society specialpack SVANTE
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music-society specialpack SVANTE


[Image: Seg5SqQl.jpg]

VOCALBASS is a simple bass synth with a nice vowel filter. Just turn the mod wheel and get to talkin'! For an extra nice sound, use in combination with some tube amp simulation or whatever. I added a nice phaser to make that crazy bass stand out of the mix a bit. Enjoy!

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[Image: mfgUhYJl.gif]

VOICEBOX.1 is a box full of voices! It's weird, it's cool, it's beautiful in a strange kinda way. If you're looking for a real choir, I suggest you check out Voices of the Apocalypse. VoiceBox doesn't sound like a choir, it sounds like this demo. Watch out for future versions, which will have more control and smoother sound.

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[Image: Zdf8mYTl.jpg]

RANDOMDRUM is basically a drum sample player, but with a novel feature: it randomly navigates through its patches, so that you won't know what sound will come out next. It's a really unsubtle effect that won't fit easily into any mix. RandomDrum ships with a 7-faceted kit by yours truly, but it will also load user sf2 files. As if that wasn't enough, it's currently the only VSTi to feature Conan in the GUI (click on image for life-size screenshot). Listen to a demo!

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[Image: CwJTKEXl.jpg]

MONOSAMPLER is a monophonic, monotimbral, mono-everything sampler. The point of this is to be able to play a sample like an old monosynth, i.e. with legato and portamento (as far as I know, no other VST sampler is capable of this). So just load a sample (root key will be A3) and let it rip! Use the mod wheel for a little vibrato. In this demo, I show how it can be used to make strange music with a vocal sample.

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[Image: 67CuGg8l.jpg]

CRUMBS will turn your sound cookie into audio crumbs! But not just any crumbs, they're controllable crumbs! All parameters are midi automatable (see documentation for further details). I can't really explain how it sounds, you best check out this demo. But if you like real, undistorted sounds, then this probably ain't your bag, baby!

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