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Full Version: Kawai Spanax SX-240 VSTi free- for registered Users free to download!
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Kawai Spanax SX-240 VSTi free

[Image: L7LO4OIl.jpg]

Kawai Spanax SX-240 VSTi free Vintage Synth clone (rare) which can produce  similar sounds to that of the original SX-240 synthesizer ?  The GUI is based on the original synth, but soundwise not a 100% true  emulation - but with meticulous  programming you can create sounds that  are very similar. So the factory  sounds don't reflect the hardware  SX-240, but you can create sounds  that are unique and almost like the  original - i like it and I am happy  with that which additionally sounds  like a DW8000 too! ? Not much information about this one other than it was developed by the owner of

(28-11-2019, 12:09 AM)Bam Wrote: [ -> ]
Kawai Spanax SX-240 VSTi free

Very nice looking, well designed. I just downloaded this to hear it. I have the real thing sitting in the other room, and, no, not even close. Good try, but, no. Even the best VST, many of which can sound stupendous, just can't deliver what the real analog does.