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Full Version: RD-19 Drum Module
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RD-19 Drum Module

[Image: rd-19-drum-module.jpg]

RD-19 is a drum synth VST designed particularly for Reason 10+ (the video shows it used in Reason 11). The architecture assumes a modular environment like the Combinator to allow building a complete multi-sound drum machine.

There are two discrete synth lines A + B which feed into a Character EQ, Saturation and Filter.

    Wav chooses Sine, Saw, Ramp, Tri, Square, White Noise, Pink Noise
    Tone + Fine tune the core Osc pitching
    Env + Boost set the pitch envelope amount
    Att +Dec set the attack & decay times for the pitch env
    Freq + Q set the center & width of the EQ
    Gain sets the boost amount (note no cut)
    HP switches the filter from Low Pass to High Pass
    Filter + Reso set the cutoff point and emphasis amount
    Att + Dec set the volume envelop times
    Level sets the synth line’s volume
    Drive sets the amount of saturation applied to the output (post-EQ/pre-Filter)

While the obvious use of RD-19 is in emulating classic drum machine sounds from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and today, you can also create some quite realistic sounds once you understand the controls and how to make more subtle sounds. This series of videos on creating and mixing drums can help: