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Full Version: Soft Glow Organ v3
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Soft Glow Organ v3

[Image: SGO_3_pic.JPG]

Soft Glow Organ is a Rompler that uses samples from a 1960s electric organ and synthesizer-style controls to produce warm sounds with modern effects.

Sample (from my grandparent's vintage home organ) plays on note press. 3 voices, amplifier envelope, filter envelope, hp/lp filters, reverb, boost (which can be chained after the filters), LFO (tempo-synced) which can be sent to the sample pitch (vibrato), filter pitch, and pan, mixer with an assignable volume knob, and a panel of extra controls (including mod wheel and a fine tuner) hidden under the reverb controls.


Update to 3,1

-New graphics ;  background, buttons, and arrangements
-Fixed LFO speed issue
-File cleanup to address MAC/Graphics issues