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Full Version: João Gilberto dies aged 88
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João Gilberto: Brazilian 'father of bossa nova' dies aged 88

[Image: _107775939_gettyimages-74272859.jpg]

From the earliest drum machines to the latest Casios, you will always find a rhythm preset named  bossa nova.
João Gilberto is the reason why.


He had made wonderful music. But with 88 years is already a nice old one.
I played his music a lot myself when I was a street musician.

Nice track - thanks, Bam.
That Carnival theme really takes me back!

Learning to play during the 'home organ' boom of the 1960s and '70s, all the popular tutorial and 'easy play' sheet-music books were packed with Latin American songs.
Hearing what Gilberto (and Getz) could do with them kept me practicing!