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Full Version: Odyssey for VCV Rack
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Odyssey for VCV Rack

[Image: ALMKPfv.jpg]

"It is very close in most ways, I owned 2 different Oddys back in the day.

The oscillators are a bit ballsier than arps, but filtered back a bit they are very close. the HPF can thin them a bit also.. Adding the third VCO was a tribute to the MiniMoog. I was going to make the 3rd osc go between audio and LFO, then decided to add a 3rd audio VCO, so you would always have the LFo for modulation.

The filter seems to be halfway between the 2nd and 3rd version. It is all around pretty close. The over patching available is as close as I could get. In the end it is what I would mod an Oddy to sound like."