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Full Version: Flower Child Filter
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Flower Child Filter

[Image: 5c2e1e2da1a8729ca294857b_FlowerGUI%400%2C5x.jpg]

lower Child Filter is the first in an upcoming series of boutique analog-style filters (See FMD). Flower Child is aptly named for its goal to have a clean and resonant sound. There is also a switch for an aggressive growling version that is sure to cater to your more destructive side

Oscilloscope in center of interface to see realtime how the filter is affecting your signal.
Self-oscillating resonance.
Warm tube-like overdrive by setting resonance to 0 in clean mode.
Clean/Aggressive mode where aggressive mode responds well to loud inputs, creating pleasing warmth, overdrive, and distortion.
2 Envelope followers, one for filter, the other for amplitude.