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Full Version: 2Rule Filter
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2Rule Filter

[Image: 2rulefilter_Big_2_00.jpg]

“2RuleFilter” is a self-resonant moog type filter that allows the filter cut-off frequency to be controlled manually, or by LFO, or by an envelope follower. It has a interresting  feature called “scrambler” that plays filtered signal randomly depending on the selected beat. The “mix” knob mixies wet  and dry signals, The “volume” knob is for setting the output volume level. The”Bit crusher” produces hard sound. Using its scramble feature you can maintain the rhythmic, choppy, buffered and tempo sync output.

High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass filter
Modulation of filter cut-off frequency by LFO (tempo-sync),  manuallly or envelope follower(reversable)
Bit crusher (16bit to 1 bit)
Scrambler that devide one measure to different time intervall and plays beats randomly.
Mix ballance in between dry(input signal) and wet(filtered and bit crushed).
Sensitivity that allows the filter cut-off frequency be changed from roughly to smoothly. This effect is the same of parameter smoothing.

dry sample, wet sample 1, wet sample 2, wet sample 3,

wet sample 4, wet sample 5,wet sample 6, wet sample 7,

wet sample 8, wet sample 9, wet sample 10.


Frequency - Cut-off depending on filter type. This envelop can be used also with any type of modulation and creates relatif cutoff frequency.

Q - Resonance

F Type - Fiter type Low Pass(LP), Band Pass (BP) and High Pass (HP).

Sens  - Sensitivity : Parameter smoothing  for Freq parameter.

Bit Crusher - Decimator from 1 bit to 16b bit (Distortion).

Modulation - It defines the type of Freq(Cutoff) modulation : Manual, LFO , Envelope filter (Auto Wah)

Env Eff - The amount of envelope modulation(Auto Wah)

Reverse - It takes the inverse of envelope modulation.

LFO Eff - The amount of LFO  modulation.

LFO Rate  - LFO Rate

LFO Rate Mult - It multiplies the current LFO rate by 1  or 10 or 100.

Sync - It sync LFO rate with the current song tempo.

BEAT - It defines the fragment  duration with will played randomly (Scrambler : 1/1 to 1/64)

SCRAMBLER - Can be set for wet(filtered) and dry (input) signal.

MIX - It defines the balance in between wet and dry signal.

VOLUME -Volume

!!WARNING!! 2RuleFilter is capable of nasty loudness if you push the settings hard, keep volumes low while you play with the controls or put a limiter for aggressive loudness.