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Full Version: GyL Synths Addtractive Wavemaker & Soundbank by Kujashi
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(by Jay and GyL Synths - Win 32 bit VSTi) 

[Image: ySqbObJ.png]

Born for a member request in my Facebook group (a wavetable maker and saver in .wav format).
Based on a 8-10 years old wavemaker from Jay.
Reworked and simplified + added wav saving and a minimalistic but useful synth-part for testing the waves.
It is perfectly usable as an instrument as well.
The saved waves can be loaded into other, more complex software or hardware synths.

2 wavetable oscillators with 135 waveforms in each
waves can be added, multiplied or subtracted, phase-shifted, inverted and level adjusted
unison detunable main oscillator with 0...-2 octave
switchable sub osc with the same wave as the osc and -1/-2 octaves
output wavetable window
moog-like filter with envelope control to cutoff in positive or negative direction
the created wave can be saved as .txt or .wav
the sample quantity can be 128...2048 (the txt stops at 1024)
44.1 or 48 kHz and 16, 24 or 32 bit
in-built switchable chorus and delay
modwheel to filter cutoff ; pitchwheel has +/- 5 semitone range
easy to understand and use interface
the Hold button keeps the last pressed note - good for sound design.
wavemaker and synth parts' Random and Reset for new ideas and faster work.
double click sets the knobs to default value.
16 presets from me and 128 from Kujashi (.fxb soundbanks).

As always: if doesn't work in your system, just delete it - there are much better ones from others... Smile 

Kujashi's demo music

VST Planet's video

Download it here

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Thank you it's a wonderful Christmas gift.
(25-12-2018, 12:20 PM)DELANNOY Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you it's a wonderful Christmas gift.

Thaaanks, dear Delannoy!
It is just a simple tool, but I hope you can find it useful. :-)
Thank you