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Full Version: GyL Synths Angel & Soundbank by Kujashi
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(by GyL Synths - Win 32 bit VSTi)

[Image: 0HqINHe.png]

I made it some months after WaveFlex. Had some new ideas to the oscillator, but wanted to make a much simpler one for "mortals" - like me.
A friend from Mozambique asked several times to name my next synth to "Angel", because his artist name is Valy Angel.
Came his birthday and I sent him an early version - was very happy...
Later worked a bit on it, changed several things and became "official" in my Facebook group.
This spring Kujashi made a bank for it and created a demo music too, so I sent to VST Planet.
The demo video actually containes Kujashi's track.
The most interesting part of it is the oscillator, which can load txt or wav single cycle wave files
(for example the Adventure Kid collection:
download this, good to WaveFlex too: ),
you can draw own waves, or can generate some random waves too and finally you can re-draw any displayed wave by hand and can save the new one to txt or wav format.
Double-click on display to get "no-Wave" - init state.
It has an internal pitch following sine osc too, which can phase modulate the wavetable oscillator in different fixed ratios.
The main oscillator with the FM can be unison-detuned too - only into 3 instances.
The mod envelope and the LFOs affect the "FM" modulation depth.
There is a noise (white/pink/brown) and a sub oscillator as well (basic waves or the main osc's wave in lower "registers").
2 synchable LFOs with basic shapes and S/H.
A D/R envelopes for Filter and Mod ; A D/R S for Amp.
Simple Filter with x-y pad for cut-resonance and many filter algorythm.
Stuffed in a basic MIDI-based matrix arpeggiator and some "easy" effects (delay, reverb, chorus, distortion - similar to Baze-2) too.
The Hold button keeps the last pressed note - good for arp latch or when designing a sound.
Global Random and Reset for new ideas and faster work.
Double click sets the knobs to default value.
Right click should mean MIDI forget/learn, but not always works - sorry, if not...!
16 presets from me and 64 from Kujashi (.fxb soundbanks).

As always: if doesn't work in your system, just delete it - there are much better ones from others... Smile

Kujashi's demo music:

VST Planet's video: 

Download it here:

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