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Full Version: GyL Synths Pluto & Soundbank by Kujashi
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[Image: wijCrV7.png]

Inzod Games noted me on the Summer of 2017 that started to make patches for an old synth of mine, which was not released outside the group.
I said, wait a bit, I would like to rework the GUI. But I couldn't stop there, finally made a new synth from it. So born the Pluto.
Kujashi's and Inzod's banks are included in the zip. Inzod wanted to include his game links in the zip, sorry...

Found this accidently :-)

Main features:

- 2 wavetable oscs with 64 waveforms and independent unison detune
- 3…+3 octaves transpose for the left osc ; the right osc is detunable by -36…+36 semitones
- the left-right osc balance adjustable by the Mix knob, by the Filter/Mod envelope or by the LFO
- the left osc can FM modulate the right one – adjustable manually or by the LFO- multi-mode filter
- feedbacked filter pad - find quickly a good setting with the dot and fine-tune it with the knobs
- Formant filter pad from WaveFlex
- multi-destination LFO, syncable to host tempo
- 2 syncable ADSR envelopes (drag one knob and the other follows in sync mode ;
if they were on different values, the filter env's knob jumps to the amp's value)
- adjustable mod- and pitchwheel functions
- matrix-arpeggiator from Primo/Saturn; -3…+3 octaves ; 1...8 steps, 1/32...8 bars speed with knobs
- Hold button for automatic, continuous sequence playing or sound design
holds the latest pressed note, can be changed the base note during the playing
(switch it ON after the arpeggiator and switch OFF before that)
- inbuilt delay (echo or ping-pong), chorus, reverb
- output wave window
- double-click-to-default knobs with global random and reset
- easy to understand and use interface (hopefully...)

A demo video, made by VST Planet:

[]Kujashi's Pluto demo, using his own bank

Download it here:
Man, this could come in really handy, due to the randomization features it offers..again, I'm really looking forward to giving this a try..just like the others you posted up on here.  Thanks!  Smile
Thanks GyL (& co.)!

Orion has remained in my favourites folder (along with only about 6 or 7 other synths) since I first downloaded it, and it still gets a lot of play.
So I knew it was only a matter of time before I downloaded some of your other creations - but I could never decide which one to try next.
Problem solved!

This looks like it should be a lot of fun to patch - though with your posse of sound designers, it might be quite some time before I even try ...