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Full Version: GyL Synths Baze-2
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[Image: 8R6ck1M.png]

Can be used as a simple groovebox or drum machine - "base" sounds, as the name suggests.
I've made the original version as a Christmas gift for my Facebook group about 2 years ago.
BRA1NSHAK3R born from that.
A bit later reworked it - using some ideas from BS + added new features before sent to VST Planet.
Actually this has the most views from my synths on the Planet's channel, though not the best or the most liked.
No Kujashi bank for this.

Main features:

- noise oscillator with white, pink and brown noises and lowpass / highpass filter
- common decay envelope for the filter and amp
- 2 multi oscillators with sine, saw and pulse waveforms (manual pulse width control)
- +/- 4 octaves (-48…48 semis) tuning range
- decay envelopes for pitch mod and amps
- all envelopes have exponential-like curved shape
- dual-sequential step sequencer with 2 octaves vertical piano-board layout
- SEQ-1 can drive SEQ-2 ; 1...16 steps, 1/32...8 bars speed with rotating knobs
- FM modulation Osc1 >>> Osc2 ; ring modulation Osc1 * Osc2
- output wave window
- Play button for automatic, continuous sequence playing
holds the latest pressed note, can be changed the base note during the playing
(switch it ON after the sequencers and switch OFF before them)
- tweak the knobs during the automatic playing
- it can be used without sequencers as well
- synched ping-pong delay (1/32...8 bars), reverb, chorus and distortion
- 48 presets in a window for direct access
- global random and reset functions for the synth knobs, double-click for default value
- MIDI learn and forget for the synth knobs by right-click + rotate the wished controller
- 25 demo presets by me - create your own patterns and melodies which fit your music style

A demo video, made by VST Planet - but try it yourself :-)

Download it here:
Thanks for this..looking forward to trying it out.  Wink