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Full Version: EQ E87V2
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EQ E87V2

[Image: EQE87V2-1.png?fit=687%2C504&ssl=1]

E87 is a 6-band equalizer featuring Color and Saturation knobs.

It was developed for one purpose: to provide a discreet and transparent equalization with the character options.

The "Color" function is not "based on" or an imitation of a similar machine. We used a house script associated with "hardware" machine (linear pulse) to feel the effect of the analog alone can give us. We also added a "saturation" effect, which is a digital saturation. Both effects combine to perfection.
High quality equalizer, very transparent.
Button "Color" for adding analog character to your audio tracks.
Button "Saturation" to add a digital saturation.
Very low CPU consumption.