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Full Version: Velo Drumseq 2
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Velo Drumseq 2

[Image: THpHUhh.jpg]

this is the Velo Drumseq 2.


- each Drum Track has its own Clock-Divider (Default  = RED) - Divide into 2 = BLUE - Divide into 4  = DARK)
with Speed Knob (Red-Blue-Dark))

- better GUI Design

 - Output-LED shows Channel-Activity

WIN 32 Plugin. For 64 Bit-Operation use JBridge

By the way - Have You checked out the Sync Stability and its Behaviour on Velo Drumseq and Velo Drumseq 2?
I guess You didn`t!
Listen to this 3 Examples. It compares the Sync Stability in case of simple Transport-Operations Start-Stop-Continue-Stop-Continue - and so - on of the Main Sequencer (DAW) between two different Sequencer - Plugins from other Manufacturers and the Velo Drumseq 2:
The DAW - Click is the Masterclock:
Factory A:
Factory B
Velo Drumseq 2

Velo Drumseq 2 searches automatically the next BAR to start with the next Step!