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Blood Bucket

[Image: Va4U5Ar.jpg]

Blood Bucket is apparently a pointless experiment in synthetic stupidity.

Two oscillators are combined in a variety of ways to modulate a third oscillator and presets are named after parts of the human head
Harsh Digital Nose

[Image: GsoHFL7.jpg]

Harsh Digital Nose converts 2 images into 2 oscillator waveforms and then mixes them in various horrible ways.

You can drag and drop images or draw them on the plugin in real time. There are two image-based oscillators. The knobs between them apply to the second image, based on the first image. There is then a third oscillator that plays ordinary waveforms, which can be modulated by the image oscillators. The "M" button below each pitch knob toggles on/off the oscillator pitch following input MIDI notes. The little green and red dots on the images are the start and end points of the oscillator waveform. Colors in the images do "something" but more information will follow once I look at the code again to see what is actually going on.
Win 32 + 64 Bit, Mac VST + Au

[Image: wosxJnz.jpg]

Combines digital logic with extreme pitch modulation.

Sounds like junk. Same old square "knobs".

[Image: 7TJdmB0.jpg]

The Ultimate MIDI chord VST plugin.

Maps any note into 0 or more other notes.
Keyboard or guitar (generic fretted stringed instrument) view for chord input.
Basic strumming.
Input chords by clicking the keyboard display, MIDI Learn, or by typing intervals/note names directly.
Chord shapes and keyboard mappings can be saved/loaded as simple text files, displayed in menus on the plugin GUI.
Copy/Paste chords to other trigger notes.
Supports multichannel chords: each chord note can be output to any combination of MIDI channels.
Optional chord name recognition.
Applies input velocity to the output chord.
Output can be transposed for playing in other keys.
Set one chord per MIDI note for 128 different chords (Full mode).
Use Octave mode to repeat the same 12 chords in every octave.
Global mode transposes one chord across the whole input range.
Has 128 internal programs with optional MIDI program change listening.
Imports Cubase/Nuendo Chorder .xml presets.
Win 32 + 64 Bin, Mac VST

[Image: DxdJOur.jpg]

midiCurve maps  CC, velocity, aftertouch, and/or channel pressure according to a curve.

Holds 128 presets and supports MIDI Program Change. Instructions are in the plugin (click Help).

[Image: o5E8Y3I.jpg]

midiKeyboard is a resizable piano keyboard to monitor/play midi notes.
Fully resizable, with adjustable key width.
Adjustable MIDI channel.
Can use mouse clicks or qwerty keyboard to play notes (Shift-click to set qwerty octave).
Optionally use Y-position of mouse click for velocity.
Toggle mode - Notes are toggle switches instead of momentary; applies to mouse clicks, midi input, and qwerty input.
Middle click or ctrl-click to end all playing notes.
Right-click to toggle a key on/off (when Toggle mode is enabled, right-click is momentary instead).
Can hide editing controls and show only the keyboard (Alt-click keys to switch views).
Can load default settings from «midiKeyboard.fxb» (or «Whatever_you_rename_the_plugin_file_to.fxb»).
Win 32 Bit + Mac

[Image: p87328h.jpg]

midiMonitor is a resizable, scrolling midi monitor.

Change background colors to your liking. Optionally shows raw MIDI byte data. Can save log as text or midi file.
Win 32 + 64 Bit, Mac VST

[Image: yJIBcFk.jpg]

midiPads is a very configurable MIDI controller VST plug-in.

It has editable configurations of up to 128 pads (buttons, x/y pads, sliders) with customizable text, colors, and icons. Each pad can send a MIDI note and/or CC message(s).

1 to 64 buttons/sliders/XY-pads that send learnable midi messages, with resizable GUI. Very configurable. Each pad can optionally show an svg/png/jpg/gif image (drag & drop to load images). The default ones are ugly, so make your own.

[Image: ZUcPOaI.jpg]

midiPBCurve maps Pitch Bend according to a curve.

You can set the upward and downward sides to different ranges. Instructions are in the plugin (Help).
Mr. Alias 2

[Image: X5LDBVD.jpg]

Mr. Alias 2 uses non-bandlimited oscillators which can be transposed near to and beyond the Nyquist frequency, causing most of their spectra to be aliased back into audible non-harmonic frequencies.

The sound can then be further processed by a number of crude "effects." Though it is based on the same concept as the original, Mr. Alias 2 is completely rewritten for cross-platform compatibility, and has a number of significant improvements.
2 oscillators
18 waveforms
Full stereo processing
6 filter types including a formant filter
Filter envelope
External audio processing
Patch randomizer button
Highly configurable MIDI control with MIDI learn
MIDI-controllable patch morphing
Drag & drop preset and MIDI map loading
Resizable GUI
Win 32 Bit + Mac VST